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[[attachment:SpiffChorderScrewTerminalSanding.jpg|{{attachment:SpiffChorderScrewTerminalSandingThumb.jpg||SpiffChorder Screw Terminal Sanding}}]]
[[attachment:SpiffChorderScrewTerminalsGlued.jpg|{{attachment:SpiffChorderScrewTerminalsGluedThumb.jpg||SpiffChorder Screw Terminals Glued}}]]
{{attachment:SpiffChorderScrewTerminalSanding.jpg||SpiffChorder Screw Terminal Sanding}}
{{attachment:SpiffChorderScrewTerminalsGlued.jpg||SpiffChorder Screw Terminals Glued}}

This printed circuit development board was laid out using Fritzing, and an order has been placed to Fritzing Fab for a prototype to QA. I'll post pictures once it arrives in a couple weeks, but here are some tidbits to tantalize:

So far I'm using the same BoM from the perfboard design. Here's a paper test using a 1:1 scale printout of the silkscreen and solder mask together:


I'll probably switch up CON1 with Digikey part 609-2845-ND (vertical rather than right-angle) so as not to block the lower-left mounting hole. Also, the 0.1" pitch right-angle screw terminal blocks I used are just slightly longer than 0.4", so I lightly sanded down the facing sides for CON3-4 until they fit snugly but evenly in a piece of perfboard and then attached them to one another with a tiny dab of quick-setting adhesive gel (being careful not to get it into the terminals themselves):

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