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== Breadboard == = SpiffChorder Breadboard =

SpiffChorder Breadboard

SpiffChorder breadboard

I started on a solderless breadboard, shown above, but those really aren't suited for higher-frequency prototyping and so I was getting stray USB device resets at random (particularly if I inadvertently brushed the ground line while not grounding myself first). I used the components in Greg Priest-Dorman's Digikey bill of materials, including the suggested 9x pull-up resistor SIP array (even though I was only testing with 7 keys). I also chose poorly on a preformed bank of 3 yellow LEDs which were somewhat larger than I expected; their rather rigid leads weren't quite a multiple of 0.1" standard breadboard pitch, causing them to crack superficially upon insertion. I used the excellent AVR ATmegaXX8 Pinout Stickers from Adafruit Industries to more easily keep track of what I was connecting.

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