2017-09-16 Jeremy StanleyAdd FAQ entry about --headers values master
2017-03-10 Jeremy StanleyFix Py3K compatibility for compressed correlation
2016-11-08 Jeremy StanleyUpdate release notes and docs for 2.3 release 2.3
2016-11-07 Jeremy StanleyCorrect NOAA WX weather product URL regression
2016-10-05 Jeremy StanleyUpdate release notes and docs for 2.2 release 2.2
2016-10-05 Jeremy StanleyCorrelation set update
2016-10-05 Jeremy StanleyUpdate correlation logic for 2015 Gazetteer
2016-09-19 Jeremy StanleyCorrect setpath search order
2016-09-13 Jeremy StanleyFix minor typo in NEWS file
2016-09-13 Jeremy StanleyUpdate release notes and docs for 2.1 release 2.1
2016-08-24 Jeremy StanleyUpdate NOAA WX weather products URLs
2014-11-10 Jeremy StanleyCorrelation set update
2014-10-30 Jeremy StanleySupport more recent data sources
2014-02-13 Jeremy StanleyDocument correlation set rebuilding process
2014-02-13 Jeremy StanleyCorrelation set update
2014-02-13 Jeremy StanleyCorrelation building fixes
2012-10-19 Jeremy StanleyAdd a .gitignore file.
2012-09-21 Jeremy StanleyUpdate data files for rounding adjustment.
2012-09-19 Jeremy StanleyNormalize data override configuration.
2012-09-19 Jeremy StanleyRework data override configuration comments.
2012-09-19 Jeremy StanleyTruncate radian floats in data files.
2012-09-19 Jeremy StanleyUpdate sys.path example in INSTALL.
2012-09-11 Jeremy StanleyMake sure data files have final newlines.
2012-09-10 Jeremy Stanley2010 Census U.S. Gazetteer file layout changed.
2012-08-30 Jeremy StanleyAdd /etc/weather/weatherrc to config search.
2012-07-12 Jeremy StanleyMake --quiet quieter again.
2012-06-26 Jeremy StanleyImported from archive. 2.0
2010-03-19 Jeremy StanleyImported from archive. 1.5
2008-07-13 Jeremy StanleyImported from archive. 1.4
2006-07-25 Jeremy StanleyImported from archive. 1.3
2006-06-30 Jeremy StanleyImported from archive. 1.2
2006-04-18 Jeremy StanleyImported from archive. 1.1
2006-03-26 Jeremy StanleyImported from archive. 1.0