I hacked up an old telephone handset from my junk pile so I could have something vaguely ergonomic into which to mount the keys. Once I'd separated the front and back of the handset, I opened up tracks for the keys using a small cutting wheel on a Dremmel and also used it to drill a couple holes for a hand strap, then added epoxy in a few places to get the tolerances just right. I sanded the pieces and sprayed them black with a few clear layers of top coat. I ordered 7x Row 2, Size 1x1 Cherry MX Keycaps from WASD Keyboards and popped them onto the stems. I drilled holes near the tops of the three thumb keycaps lining up with the LEDs, and filled each with a dab of clear epoxy. A decorative ribbon was added for the hand strap, and a small block of foam was inserted on top of the circuit board to keep it in place.

SpiffChorder housing, pieces SpiffChorder housing, inside SpiffChorder housing, assembled, side SpiffChorder housing, assembled, underside SpiffChorder housing, assembled, top SpiffChorder housing, assembled, strap

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