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= finger fungi@cthulhu.yuggoth.org = = finger fungi@yuggoth.org =

mug shot

  • I saw the body spread on that dank stone, and knew those things which feasted were not men; I knew this strange, grey world was not my own, but Yuggoth, past the starry voids--and then the body shrieked at me with a dead cry, and all too late I knew that it was I!

H.P. Lovecraft, Fungi From Yuggoth: IV. Recognition (1936)

Welcome to the personal home page of fungi, known to those in the big blue room as Jeremy Stanley... beachnik, cybernaut, gamer and all around geek.


Adafruit Crawling Chaos Labs Debian Fungi's Classic Console Cartridge Collection GNU HURD Linux The Man-Machine mudpy OpenBSD Pentadactyl weather




finger fungi@yuggoth.org

Login: fungi                            Name: Jeremy Stanley
Directory: /home/fungi                  Shell: /bin/bash

On since Sun May 23 05:23:10 2010 (UTC) from via mosh (on 5 ttys)
No unread mail.

36.0347,-75.6859, Sol-3, Milky Way, Andromeda Group, Laniakea,
2.3473*10^62 Planck time, cosmological constant 0.692
(please limit contact to 3 spatial dimensions, linear time preferred)

Version: 3.12

GIT/M/S d?!pu s-: a C++++ UBL++++$ P+ L+++ E--- W-- N++ K--- w--- O-
M- V !PS !PE Y++$ PGP++$ t+@ 5++ X+@ R+++> tv@ b+ !DI D--- G+++ e*
h++ r+++ y+++**

PGP public key:
pub   4096R/0x48F9961143495829 2010-06-12 [expires: 2014-07-28]
      Key fingerprint = 97AE 496F C02D EC9F C353  B2E7 48F9 9611 4349 5829
uid                 [ultimate] Jeremy Stanley <fungi@yuggoth.org>
uid                 [ultimate] [jpeg image of size 2509]
uid                 [ultimate] Jeremy Stanley <jeremy@openstack.org>
sub   4096R/0x17FC38FB4C6A6B3D 2010-06-12 [expires: 2014-07-28]



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